Kanayo Okai Attorney at law

Have you ever had trouble finding on English-speaking lawyer in Japan?

I will offer you services to achieve the best outcome for you.

I am an English-speaking Japanese lawyer who has broad commercial as well as general civil law experiences representing both Japanese and international clients.

Having received my education in Japan as well as Australia and the US, I have a real insight into cross-cultural communication challenges faced by many of my international clients when dealing with the complexities of navigating through the Japanese legal system and business and social customs.

I help ease my clients’ sense of apprehension and even a sense of being overwhelmed by listening carefully to their needs and breaking down challenging into more manageable steps. I pride myself in finding the best solutions and in providing clear, direct and practical legal advice. 

I primarily assist with cross-border legal issues/challenges, namely:

1) Corporate/Commercial Law
  • Contract reviews and negotiation 
  • Company formation and registration 
  • Corporate secretary role e.g., managing and preparing minutes of directors’ meetings/ shareholders’ meetings
  • Advise on compliance matters

2) Family law matters
  • Hague Convention child abduction cases - experiences of representing both TP (allegedly Taking Parent) and LBP (Left Behind Parent
  • International divorce
  • Creation of will/trust
  • Division of estate

3) Disputes Resolutions/Alternative Disputes Resolutions
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration, Mediation


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