Kanayo Okai Attorney at law

ServiceS For Corporate clients

ServiceS For Corporate clients

Setting up your business in Japan

For those who are planning to set up a corporation under the laws of Japan, I am able to offer the following services in cooperation with other professionals, such as a tax attorney, if necessary;

  • Consultation on formation of a corporation in Japan
  • Documentation and registration to set up a corporation
  •  Visa assistance for foreign directors/investors

Corporate governance / compliance

To put preventive mechanisms, regarding compliance of laws and regulations in place, is essential in consolidating a strong base in a successful business. My services for existing corporations are mainly focused on advice regarding preventive or strategic legal measures by: advising on corporate governance; drawing up corporate regulations; offering legal and compliance training to directors as well as employees, and by offering seminars on specific topics related to legal and compliance. 

  • Company secretarial support including support for annual general meeting and directors’ meeting, shareholder management, etc.
  • Implementing/ improvement of compliance system based on the assessment of the system and advice on improvements
  • Training and seminars 

Debt collection against Japanese companies

Collecting a debt against Japanese corporation or individual is a challenging task for international creditors. It is crucial to engage a lawyer as soon as the issue of payment arises and to familiarize yourself with the actions you can take.

 I will offer you the following services for you to recover the debt.

  • Consultation for the debt collection, legal framework and options 
  • Negotiation with the debtor(s) 
  • Court procedures against the debtor(s)
  • Enforcement procedures if debtor will not pay the ordered amount voluntarily


Legal consultation fee

JPY11,000 per hour (including tax)

  • Online consultation is available.
  • Advance payment is required for the first consultation without referral.

Retainer fee

Hourly rate  JPY33,000 (including tax)

  • Fixed fee service (retainer fee at the outset of the case and success fee for the successful end of the case) is available.
  • Quotation for the case is available after the consultation session.