Privacy Policy

I will comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and will abide by this Privacy Policy.


I will comply with Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the ‘Act’) and other relevant laws and regulations governing the handling of personal information.


I will obtain personal information by appropriate means.


I will utilize the personal information for the following purposes, and will not use them beyond these purposes without the consent of the individuals concerned, except in cases permitted under the Act or other laws and regulations.

a. To offer legal services

b.  To offer seminar information

c.  To send greetings

d. Other purposes incidental to the above-mentioned purposes


I will manage the personal information appropriately to prevent its leakage, unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, or unauthorized use.


I will not disclose any personal information to any third parties other than subcontractors without the consent of the individuals concerned.


In disclosing any personal information to any third parties, I will abide by the Act and other laws and regulations.


For the request of verification, disclosure, or correction of your own personal information, please contact via inquiry form on the website shown below.

Contact details

Attorney in charge: Kanayo Okai

Address: 10F, 2-2-7, Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 541-0048

Tel: 81-6-4708-5413